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Photo: Yellow oyster mushrooms.

These are not the white or brown button mushrooms or even their more mature form called "portabella", but a variety of delicious species that have been enjoyed by cultures around the world for millennia. Whether they are the beautiful yellow oyster mushroom (shown here growing on straw) or the flavorful shiitake (shown ready to be shipped) or any of a hundred other species, Americans are discovering what the rest of the world has long known: Mushrooms are marvelous!!. The Mushroom Growers' Newsletter is here to help you be successful with commercial mushroom farming whether you are the smallest or the largest grower in the world.

Photo: shiitake mushrooms.

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In our June 2020 issue . . . Some farms' sales have gone UP as a result of coronavirus; find out what they did. Morels are making it into the mainstream - one small farm is successfully growing them and one university is examining the possibilites for other growers. We'll point you to the instructions you need to get started. This month you will learn what's happening at Colorado, Monterey, Carleton, Farmers' Fresh, Newfoundland Gourmet, Bridgetown, Highline, Mariaville Mushroom Men, Killbuck Valley, Creswell, Blues Best, Myco, What the Fungus, Ohio Valley, Baltic, Sporeshift, Full Circle, Ballarat, Daeheung, Chesed, Mycelia Organics, Gansu Qingzangyuan, Anahit and Primordia mushroom farms. Dr. Holliday gets us started with growing reishi mushrooms – including how to quickly and easily clone a wild reishi. Finally, we present terminal market prices from: Chicago, Dallas, Miami, New York, San Francisco, Montreal, Toronto, Hong Kong, Kiev, Guadalajara, and Monterrey. You can have all this information and much more if you Subscribe now. You can get this issue INSTANTLY with our e-subscription option - be sure to give us a VALID email address then follow the link on the confirmation screen or in your receipt email!

Lots of individuals and families have started mushroom farms in their homes. Those that turn commercial and make a living at it have one thing in common: Successful farms regularly produce enough high quality mushrooms to sell them and make a profit well beyond the costs of production.

Easier said than done? Of course it is – it’s farming! Unlike commodity farming, you don’t need a huge land base and equipment that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to get started, but you do need to get started! The Mushroom Growers' Newsletter can help you get started, lead you to profitability, and assist you with the inevitable issues that come up as you enjoy your success.

This is the first and only independent newsletter that covers the world-wide mushroom industry. Weekly prices at key U.S. cities, spot prices at cities around the world and advise from the newsletter will help you develop a marketing plan that works. Updates on newly discovered medicinal properties, cultivation techniques for new mushroom species and developments in mushroom farming technology will help you focus your efforts and improve your profitability. News of your competitors' marketing efforts will help you keep your mushroom marketing efforts effective. This, and more, makes The Mushroom Growers' Newsletter the indispensable news source for the business of growing mushrooms. With subscription rates starting at $35.00 per year for our electronic version, you can't afford not to subscribe. Subscribe now! The newsletter is published monthly and delivered to your door on paper, if your door in is the USA, or electronically in PDF format for Adobe Reader.

Want to see examples? Look for free back issues and sample articles on our "articles" page. Wonder if this business is right for you - study the Resources section. For more details on all aspects of the industry, read our Book Reviews. To see what other successful growers are doing, check out the many Farms Online. Finally, Subscribe to get the current information you need to succeed.


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