Book Review

Genetics and Breeding of Edible Mushrooms
Chang, Buswell and Miles (Editors)

Cover: Genetics and Breeding of Edible Mushrooms

Genetics and Breeding of Edible Mushrooms is directed toward those interested in developing improved strains of edible mushroom species. It's basis is a collection of papers presented at a UNESCO regional workshop entitled "Culture Collection and Breeding of Edible Mushrooms". The workshop was help at the Chinese University of Hong Kong during July of 1991. Fifteen papers are included:

The above three articles explore various manipulations of cells of mushroom hyphae when their cell wall has been removed. Covers releasing the protoplast via removal of the cell wall, care of the protoplast and, primarily, protoplast fusion to create inter-strain, inter-species, and inter-genus crosses.

This book is in a 6" X 9" typeset, hard-cover format and runs 329 pages including the index. All articles are fully referenced.