Newsletter Annual Subscription (PAPER)
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Annual Subscription to The Mushroom Growers’ Newsletter for customers with shipping addresses in Canada and Mexico.



One Year Subscription

Please order this item ONLY if you want us to ship it to an address in Canada or Mexico.

The Mushroom Growers’ Newsletter is published on recycled paper every month and sent to you via International First Class mail. A one year subscription gets you 12 complete issues – one per month.

Each issue includes:

  • A “Bits and Pieces” section that highlights news items gathered from the popular press worldwide that can benefit mushroom growers
  • Weekly Terminal Market Prices from Chicago, Dallas, Miami, New York and San Francisco plus spot prices from places like Paris, Poznan, Guadalajara, Toronto and London.
  • One or more articles that address current topics of interest to mushroom growers.  These article address things like consumer trends, marketing opportunities, mushroom production information from countries around the world, book reviews and anything else we uncover that can help your bottom line.



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