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Volume IV of The Mushroom Growers’ Newsletter includes 12 issues from Volume IV Number 1 – May 1995 through Volume IV Number 12 – April 1996.

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Volume IV: May 1995 – April 1996 (12 Issues)

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Table of Contents


May 1995

  • Bits and Pieces
    • Mushroom Bag Wins Award
    • Graduate Assistanceships at Penn State
    • Mushrooms and Wine – Beringer and The Golden Mushroom
    • Penn State Workshop Announcement
    • Merchandiser Gets Award
    • World Society for Mushroom Biology and Mushroom Products
    • Chinese Mushrooms OK in Taiwan
    • Kaolin Workers Reinstated
    • DelfTree Markets Shiitake – Special offer for our readers
    • The Trouble with Truffles – Fake black truffles on the market
  • Proceedings Review: Dancing with an Elephant – The Business and Science of Special Forest Products Conference
  • Video Review: Natural Resource Income Opportunities
  • Surfing the Internet: Elsevier’s Technical Book Catalog
  • The Medicinal Maitake – Summary of the research on medical uses for maitake
  • Weekly Wholesale Market Prices: San Francisco and New York

June 1995

  • Bits and Pieces
    • GardenDogs Join GardenBurgers
    • Monterey Has a Picnic
    • South Mill Mushrooms
    • Terry Farms Hires Marketer
    • Tasmanian Truffles
    • Ag in Monterey County, California
    • Harvest New England Program
    • Mushroom Problems in Former Soviet Republics
    • Mycology Exchange
    • Marketing Dried Mushrooms
    • Monterey Pushes Portabellini
    • Medicinals: Shiitake and Reishi
    • Mushrooms in Pasta Sauce
    • Jurassic Fungi
  • Event Announcement: Special Forest Products Conference and Trade Show
  • Surfing the Internet
    • Tom Volk’s Mushroom Photos
    • Mushroompeople Now On-Line
  • Gill Fleas – How to deal with them
  • Book Review: A Young Person’s Guide to the Fungi
  • American Type Culture Collection
  • Weekly Wholesale Market Prices: San Francisco and New York

July 1995

  • Bits and Pieces
    • Put Us on Your Mailing List
    • Morel Solution from Terry Farms – One way to end the fighting in the woods
    • Ag in Santa Clara County, California
    • Wisconsin Shiitake Growers
    • Stanley Produce Company, Inc.
    • Portabella? Portobella? Portabello?
    • PACA Changes Coming
    • Looking for a Farm??
    • Mushrooms on the Cover of Food Distribution Magazine
    • Mushroom Council Encourages Retailers
    • Arkansas Group Gets Grant
    • Oriental Supermarket in Wichita
  • Surfing the Internet
    • Fungi Perfecti Goes On-Line
    • FUNGUS Gets a Web Page
  • Cultivating Maitake: The Very Basics
  • Annotated Graphics: The Forms of Maitake
  • Weekly Wholesale Market Prices: San Francisco and New York

August 1995

  • Bits and Pieces
    • Hardscrabble Buys Dried Maitake
    • South Africa Seeks Better Deal
    • Pasta Sauce Imports
    • Tom Volk’s Mushroom Photos
    • Mushroom Recipes to Win Prizes . . . and More Prizes
    • Azadirachtin OK in Mexico
    • Changes at Sylvan
    • Fellowship Available in Hong Kong
    • Mushroom Growers Inquiry – How to get your statistics into the annual NASS report
  • Missouri Specialty Mushroom Association Gets Started
  • Ganoderma International Research Institute is Formed
  • Can I Make Money in this Business? – An Essay
  • Prairie Mushrooms – Oakridge, Oregon: Shiitake on sawdust blocks
  • Weekly Wholesale Market Prices: San Francisco and New York

September 1995 – Free Issue Online

October 1995

  • Bits and Pieces
    • Pfizer Researches Fungi
    • Gardendogs at the Ballgame
    • Training Opportunity: Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Research
    • Canada Exports Mushrooms
    • Developing a Small Autoclave
    • ConAgra Moves on Canadian Malting (Leaver Mushroom Company)
    • UFW Organizes Mushroom Workers
  • Specialty Mushrooms: Excerpts from USDA’s 1995 Statistics
  • A Low Cost Technique for the Cultivation of Pleurotus tuber-regium (Fr.)Singer In Developing Countries by Omoanghe S. Isiskhuemhen and John A. Okhuoya
  • Graphics: U.S.A. Specialty Mushrooms – Production levels, Average $ per pound, and Number of Growers
  • Weekly Wholesale Market Prices: Chicago, Dallas, Miami, New York and San Francisco

November 1995

  • Bits and Pieces
    • Back to First Class – We tried bulk rate postage, but returned to First Class with this issue
    • Changes at Northwest Shiitake Association
    • Terry Farms Promotes Morels
    • Portabella Mushrooms are a Hit
    • Mushroom Council to Begin Audits
    • Swiss Mushrooms
    • Agaricus Terminology and Spelling
    • Foodservice Mushrooms
    • Ag Secretary Names Trio to Council
    • French Firm’s Mushrooms Show Profit
    • Prehistoric Fungi
    • Worm Fungus
    • Asia Grill Brings Mushrooms to Masses
    • European Union Cultivates Fungi for Medicine
    • Maitake for Cancer Treatment
    • Mushrooms Make Veggie Burgers Taste Great!
    • Mycology Society of San Francisco Offers Scholarships
    • Campbell’s Fresh Expands Distribution
    • EPA Certifies Mycotrol
    • Farmer’s Market Takes a New Twist
  • Marketing on the Internet: How to do it properly
  • The Wild Matsutake: Why aren’t pickers getting rich?
  • Weekly Wholesale Market Prices: Chicago, Dallas, Miami, New York and San Francisco

December 1995 – A special ten page issue!

  • Bits and Pieces
    • Sylvan Inc. and Quincy Farms
    • Denny’s Veggie Burger
    • Netherlands Mushroom Promotion
    • Campbell’s New Soup
    • Phillips Slices Shiitake
    • Hyatt Hotels Promote Mushrooms
    • European Commission Deals with Chinese Mushrooms
    • Broker on the Internet
    • How the Food Dollar is Spent
    • Farm Marketing Tips
    • Gardenburgers in Meat Markets
  • Internet Marketing Update: Mona Foods and Stockwell Farms
  • Mushrooms In Sustainable Agriculture: Oysters on Natural Poplar Logs
  • It’s The Law: Field Sanitation
  • Graphics: USA Imports (Fresh Mushrooms and Truffles) and World Production Percent
  • Weekly Wholesale Market Prices: Chicago, Dallas, Miami, New York and San Francisco

January 1996 – A special ten page issue!

  • Bits and Pieces
    • Researcher Needed in the Netherlands
    • Russian Entrepreneur/Politician Grows Mushrooms
    • Facts from the Mushroom Council: What’s happening in supermarkets
    • Bakers Square and Applebee’s Go Gardenburger
    • Australia Moves Toward Shiitake
    • Sylvan Expanding
    • U.S. Exports Fall as Imports Rise
    • Delta serves First Class Mushrooms
    • Annie Markets Vinaigrette
    • Mushrooms and Asthma
    • Penn State to Host Conference
  • Internet Update: Lost Creek Farm and Aardvarks Unlimited
  • 8th International Fungi and Fibre Symposium: Planning Underway
  • Book Review: Shiitake – The Healing Mushroom
  • It’s The Law: The U.S.’s Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act Amended and what it means to you
  • Weekly Wholesale Market Prices: Chicago, Dallas, Miami, New York and San Francisco

February 1996

  • Bits and Pieces
    • Mushroom Council elects Officers
    • Stamets Offers Additional Seminar and a New Edition
    • Portabella Down Specialties Up
    • Deyl Mushroom Farm Featured
    • Serbian Steel Makers Grow Mushrooms
    • Myco Society Visits Farms
    • Turner Entertainment Uses The Term ‘Shiitake’
    • Mushrooms In Style Closes Doors
    • Shiitake = Wild Energy?
  • Internet Update: Ohio State, Twin C and Other Farms On-Line plus, Business Guides
  • Mushrooms in India
  • Fresh Trends – A Profile of the Fresh Produce Consumer
  • Weekly Wholesale Market Prices: Chicago, Dallas, Miami, New York and San Francisco

March 1996

      • Bits and Pieces
        • Restaurant Features
        • Pesticide Cleanup Offered in Pennsylvania
        • Mushroom Poisonings (Amanita phalloides)
        • Reactions to Mushroom Poisonings
        • Cultivation Demonstration (Sandy Bar Ranch)
        • French Outlaw Chinese Truffles
        • Expansion Serves Sylvan Well
        • Mushroom Biology and Products Conference Coming Up
      • The Future of Specialty Mushrooms in the USA
      • Fresh Mushroom Quest – Materials for Grade School Teachers
      • Weekly Wholesale Market Prices: Chicago, Dallas, Miami, New York and San Francisco

April 1996

    • Bits and Pieces
      • The Mushroom Boom – According to Sunset Magazine
      • The Trichoderma Mushroom – New Discovery
      • Citizen’s Network Need Volunteers to go to Russia
      • New Dried Mushroom Products Available
      • European Trade Preferences for Mushrooms
      • Grower to Tour Italy
      • Firms Collaborate on Search for Pharmaceuticals
      • New Marketing Direction – Vegetarian Teenagers
      • Work Stoppage at Quincy Farms
      • When Fungi Ruled the World (250 million years ago)
      • Farmer’s Market Online
    • North American Conference Announcements
      • June 9-12: Second International Conference on Mushroom Biology and Mushroom Products
      • July 14-17: 12th North American Mushroom Conference
      • August 4-9: First International Conference on Mycorrhizae
    • Editorial Comment: If They Buy It Should We Sell It?
    • Book Review: Shiitake Mushrooms – The Proceedings of a National Symposium and Trade Show
    • Weekly Wholesale Market Prices: Chicago, Dallas, Miami, New York and San Francisco; Spot Prices: Toronto, Montreal, Paris, Hamburg

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