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Volume II of The Mushroom Growers’ Newsletter includes 12 issues from Volume II Number 1 – May 1993 through Volume II Number 12 – April 1994.

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Volume II: May 1993 – April 1994 (12 Issues)

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Table of Contents

May 1993

  • Bits and Pieces
    • Oyster Production Explodes in China
    • Westinghouse Prize to Mushroom Researcher
    • Terence McKenna in Omni
    • Amazing Morels – In the Phoenix, Arizona desert
  • Orleans Workshop: Mo-Mei Chen, University of California explains how to grow mushrooms
  • Photo Page: Mo-Mei Chen in Action
  • Question and Answer: Poisoning from Verpa bohemica
  • Weekly Wholesale Market Prices: San Francisco

June 1993 – A special eight page issue!

  • Bits and Pieces
    • Loggers Adjust with Mushrooms
    • Morel Season Approaches
    • Taxol from a Fungus
    • European Mushrooms Become Scarce
    • Forest Service Sells Morels
    • Correction to Mo-Mei’s substrate recipe in the last issue
    • Testing Shiitake Strains on Commercially Prepared Straw Substrate
    • Value of Oregon Mushroom Production in 1992
    • Forest Service Publishes: Biology, Ecology, and Social Aspects of Wild Edible Mushrooms in the Forests of the Pacific Northwest – A Preface to Managing Commercial Harvest
  • Albany Seminar: Northwest Mycological Consultants present a two-day seminar and we report the details
  • Photo Page: Activities at the Seminar
  • Weekly Wholesale Market Prices: San Francisco

July 1993

  • Special Insert: A Small-Scale Ag Alternative – Shiitake Mushrooms
  • Bits and Pieces
    • Wild Mushrooms and Market Potential
    • Fungus as a Pesticide (Beauveria bassiana)
    • Guns Fired Among Matsutake Pickers
    • British Journal Available: Mycological Research – The International Journal of Fungal Biology
    • Indian Journal Available: Mushroom Research – International Journal of Mushroom Research and Development
    • Mushroom, The Journal of Wild Mushrooming mentions our newsletter
  • World-Wide Production of Cultivated Edible Mushrooms 1986 and 1989/1990
  • Shiitake Seminar Growers’ Panel: Production questions answered
  • Shiitake Exudate: What is that yellow to brown liquid anyway?
  • Earth Tube Heat Exchangers: A low cost way to temperature control
  • Letter: How to market home-grown button mushrooms
  • Truffles Make ComeBack: Last years production is doubled and prices drop
  • Weekly Wholesale Market Prices: San Francisco

August 1993

  • Bits and Pieces
    • How to Get Paper Copies of Small-Scale Agriculture Fact Sheets
    • Another Mushroom Murder
    • USDA Publication: Collection of Entomopathogenic Fungal Cultures
    • The Produce News
    • Some See Growth in Specialty Mushrooms
    • Shiitake Festival in Charlottesville, Virginia
  • Video Review: Growing Shiitake (North Carolina A&T State University)
  • Oikawa Shiitake Farm – Philomath, Oregon: Shiitake on sawdust
  • Photo Page: Oikawa Shiitake Farm
  • Market Prices: Some interpretation
  • Weekly Wholesale Market Prices: San Francisco

September 1993 – A special eight page issue!

  • Bits and Pieces
    • The Ethnic Marketplace
  • Fear and Delight in Mushrooms: Human attitudes
  • President Clinton’s Forest Plan and Fungi
  • Green Peak Mushroom Farm, Bellfountain, Oregon: Shiitake on Natural Logs
  • Picture Page: Green Peak Mushroom Farm
  • Matsutake in Smithsonian and on Japanese TV
  • Anyone growing shiitake on maple trees?
  • Weekly Wholesale Market Prices: San Francisco

October 1993 – A special eight page issue!

  • Bits and Pieces
    • Helvellas
    • Hen-of-the-Woods (Grifola frondosa)
    • Mushrooms: A Fine Agricultural Crop
    • Canned Mushrooms Destroyed
    • Matsutake Pickers Invade
    • Mushrooms, Guns and Money in Outside Magazine
  • U.S. Production 1992-1993
  • Filter Patch Sizes for Shiitake
  • Special Forest Products Workshop in Redway California
  • Weekly Wholesale Market Prices: San Francisco

November 1993 – We decide to stay eight pages!

  • Bits and Pieces
    • Taxing the Wild Mushrooms
    • Mushroom Gold
    • Special Rules at Oregon Dunes
    • Black Truffles attempted in Texas
    • President’s Plan fails to protect fungi?
  • Wild Shiitake? No – not yet.
  • Graphics: Specialty Mushroom Statistics 1987 through 1993
  • Matsutake News and You
  • Mushroom Flies and How to Control Them
  • Market Notes: Some interpretation
  • Weekly Wholesale Market Prices: San Francisco

December 1993

  • Bits and Pieces
    • The Honda Shiitake
    • Nematodes Eaten by Oysters
    • Laboratory Cultivated Truffles
    • Shiitake and Berries in New Farm Magazine
    • Grow Your Own Mushrooms in Organic Gardening Magazine
    • Forest Service Publishes: Income Opportunities in Special Forest Products
    • Proceedings of the Western Forestry Nursery Association Conference Available
    • A Mushroom Christmas – According to the Catalogs
  • Matsutake Postscript
  • U.S. Truffle Grower Finally Succeeds!
  • Straw Substrate for Shiitake – An Update
  • New Oregon Law May Affect Growers
  • Weekly Wholesale Market Prices: San Francisco

January 1994

  • Bits and Pieces
    • Mushroom Hunters
    • Kits from Park Seed Company
    • Mushrooms: A Freeze-Dried Flop
    • More on Humble Critters
    • Final Matsutake Tally for 1993
  • Video Review: Matsutake – Education for Pickers
  • Buried Treasure – Growing French Black Truffles
  • Book Review: Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms
  • Marketing Gourmet Mushrooms: Introduction
  • Weekly Wholesale Market Prices: San Francisco

February 1994

  • Bits and Pieces
    • Mushroom Nutrition Labeling
    • More on Humble Critters
    • Oregon Gold Rush
  • Video Review: Welcome to the Fungal Jungle
  • Klamath Falls Mushrooms Farm – Shiitake on Sawdust
  • Picture Page: Klamath Falls Mushroom Farm
  • Marketing Gourmet Mushrooms: A Marketing Plan
  • Book Review: The Ecology of Mycorrhizae
  • Weekly Wholesale Market Prices: San Francisco

March 1994

  • Bits and Pieces
    • Shiitake Recipes in Sunset Magazine
    • Hybrid Shiitake in Thailand
    • Ecosystem Management for Forest Fungi
    • Mushroom Cultivation and Mycological Landscaping Workshop
  • Fungiphobia and the American Council on Science and Health
  • Marketing Gourmet Mushrooms: Target Markets
  • Autoclavable bags: Our subscribers got free samples of autoclavable bags with this issue – sorry, they are now gone.
  • Shiitake Notes: Forest Service Research Project, Shiitake on Corncobs – a recipe
  • Weekly Wholesale Market Prices: San Francisco

April 1994

  • Bits and Pieces
    • Telluride Mushroom Conference Announcement
    • Mycologist A British Journal
    • County’s Smallest Farm
    • UC Berkeley Workshops Announcement
    • Biological Agents for Fungus Gnat Control
  • Getting the Most From Your Autoclave
  • Marketing Gourmet Mushrooms: More Potential Marketing Approaches
  • Weekly Wholesale Market Prices: San Francisco

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