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Volume I of The Mushroom Growers’ Newsletter includes 13 issues from Volume I Number 0 – April 1992 through Volume I Number 12 – April 1993.

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Volume I: April 1992 – April 1993 (13 Issues)

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Table of Contents


April 1992

Our First Issue – We started with four pages [Free PDF – 24K – Click Here]

  • Our welcome to our first readers
  • A brief explanation of who we are and our original intent with the newsletter
  • A request for our reader’s help in making this the best newsletter of its kind
  • The U.S. Specialty Mushroom Industry in 1991
  • Mt. Shasta Mycological Society
  • For the Beginner: A bit of mushroom biology
  • Shiitake Cultivation on Logs: The Very Basics

May 1992

  • A Mushroom Cooperative: Trying to Get One Started (it never did)
  • Oyster Mushrooms: The Very Basics
  • Oyster Research: Alfalfa as a Substrate Amendment
  • Setting Up a Growing Room
  • Announcement: Training Opportunities at Penn State

June 1992

  • What About Morels: How to grow morels, according to the patents
  • News: Growers in Northern California/Southern Oregon
  • Announcement: North American Mushroom Conference
  • West Coast Shiitake Market: The Ups and Downs
  • The American Mushroom Institute
  • Oyster Hint: Controlling Trichoderma

July 1992

  • News: Report on a Co-Operative Organizational Meeting
  • The National Agriculture Library
  • A Quote: from Jerry Larson, International Trade Manager, Oregon Department of Agriculture
  • Mycorrhizal Mushrooms
  • The Northwest Shiitake Association
  • Announcement: Wild Mushrooms Telluride

August 1992

  • Fungus Humungus: An Oyster Grower’s Experience
  • Oysters and Lungs
  • Stropharia Mushrooms: The Very Basics
  • News: More on the Attempt to Create a Co-op

September 1992

  • In The News
    • Giant Puffball from Sequim, Washington
    • Fungi That Eat TNT and PCB’s
    • Reishi Ad Seen in Psychology Today (Organotech)
    • Reishi Ad Seen in Vegetarian Times (Tashi Enterprises)
    • Shiitake Recipe in Cooking Light (Balsamic Peppers and Shiitake Mushrooms)
    • Shiitake Volume in the U.S. According to the USDA
    • Morels Mentioned in an AP story
    • Oregon Groups Claim Matsutake are More Valuable than Trees
    • Local Paper Responds to Matsutake Claims
  • About Matsutake
  • Book Review: Reishi Mushroom – Herb of Spiritual Potency and Medical Wonder
  • Growing Reishi on Logs: The Very Basics
  • Co-Op News

October 1992

  • Matsutake Note
  • Getting Organic Certification in Oregon
  • Oregon Tilth: Oregon’s Organic Certifier
  • USDA Statistics for 1991-1992
  • Protecting Your Lungs from Oyster Spores
  • The North American Truffling Society
  • Fungi as Herbicides

November 1992

  • Terminology: Common terms used by mushroom growers
  • Shiitake Production Factors: What to consider as you try to increase yields
  • Behind the Statistics: How does the USDA get the annual data?
  • Semi-Wild Cultivation: The basics of getting mushrooms into your backyard

December 1992 – We grow to six pages

  • Expansion: Newsletter goes to six pages and reaches 19 states plus 2 provinces
  • In The News
    • Illegal Mushroom Picking in the National Parks
    • Matsutake Debate in Local Newspaper
    • Matsutake Picker Dies in the Woods (Homicide)
    • Reishi/Shiitake: Futurebiotics markets a blend in capsules
    • Armillaria ostoya: The world’s largest living thing?
    • Reishi Follow-Up: No tea from Min Tong
  • Shiitake Mushroom Cultivation: The basics according to the U.S. Forest Service
  • Log Yard Waste: A potential substrate for mushrooms?
  • Oyster Grading: Proposals for grading standards
  • Graphics: U.S. Specialty Mushroom Production volume and value, 1988-1992
  • Letter: More info on protection from oyster spores

January 1993

  • Mushrooms Around the World: Which species are popular where
  • Cancer in Rodents: Mushrooms shown to inhibit tumors
  • Shiitake Yields: Results of a laboratory experiment
  • Nutritional Value of Mushrooms
  • In The News
    • Your Editor In the Local Student Newspaper
    • Zoomin’ Shrooms: Student humor
    • Agroforestry: Growing mushrooms in a woodlot
    • Field and Stream Reviews Edible Wild Mushrooms of North America
    • Better Living Through Fungus and Wine: The Sutter Home Winery Ad Campaign
    • Matsutake: Notes from local newspapers
    • The Westbury Collection Catalog sells dried wild mushrooms
  • Oyster Experience: Alfalfa boosts oyster yields

February 1993

  • Special Brochure Insert: The Oyster Mushroom – An Adventure in Gourmet Cuisine
  • In The News
    • Concern: Do Mushroom Pickers Affect the Forest
  • General Shiitake Information: Where to look
  • A Small-Scale Agriculture Alternative: Mushrooms (an earlier version of the USDA Shiitake Fact Sheet located in these archives)
  • National Agriculture Library – Revisited
  • Mushrooms in the House: Feed the family year-round

March 1993

  • In The News
    • Notes from Vegetarian Times
    • Nutraceuticals
  • Gardening With Mushrooms: North American Mycological Association distributes brochure
  • Office of Smale-Scale Agriculture Offers Free Newsletter
  • Ideas for Marketing: Using your newspaper and our newsletter to expand your markets
  • Sawdust Substrate for Shiitake: What the literature says about mixes

April 1993

  • Bits and Pieces (The new name for our monthly summary of news and notes)
    • Small Farms to Make a Come Back?
    • Marketing With a Paper Bag
    • Imposter Fungus: Puccinia monoica
  • Wholesale Markets: Which ones report mushroom sales and how to contact them
  • Book Review: The Mushroom Researcher
  • Book Review: Genetics and Breeding of Edible Mushrooms
  • Shiitake on Sawdust Part 2: After you get the substrate prepared
  • Weekly Wholesale Market Prices: San Francisco

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