Welcome to our store.

The store is separated into two categories:

1.  Subscriptions

There are two subscription choices

electronic subscription – get your newsletter in downloadable PDF format.  It looks just like the paper version except it is in color and includes hot links wherever we provide a web site address (requires the free Adobe PDF Reader) – $35 per year

paper copies to addresses in the USA   $42 per year

Once you select a subscription you may choose to extend your subscription for as many years as you wish.  Our normal subscription period is one year.  The price for print subscriptions includes 12 issues delivered through the U.S. Postal Service.  The price for our electronic subscription includes 12 issues delivered to the email address you provide.  Be sure to prove a good email address or we’ll get your money and you won’t get a newsletter!

2.  Back Issues

Our back issues are now sold in “volumes”.  Each volume includes 12 issues (one year with each year starting in May).  We no longer offer individual issues for sale.  As you scan through the table of contents for each volume, you will find a few links to full issues or articles that are available free online.  Just click the link to get the content.  Use the search tool in the right column in the store  to find specific items of interest.  Shipping and handling is added during checkout.  If you want to see some free content,  check out our Articles Page.