Newsletter Article
January 1997

UnicornImports Retorts

Side View of Imported Retort

Lou Hsu of Unicorn has imported an upright retort for small-scale commercial growers. The retort, pictured here, is three feet in diameter and is about four feet tall from bottom to top without the legs or the lid. The lid can be unclamped and pushed sideways to allow access to the interior as shown in the following photo (both photos submitted by Lou).

Top view of imported retort

Lou says there are ports for steam inlet, cold air outlet and instrumentation. The drawings, which are notated in Chinese characters, seem to indicate three ports in the lid, one at the bottom and three around the perimeter about a foot from the bottom (one can be seen in the photo to the left).

In an upright retort, steam entry will typically be high while the cold air outlet is low. A cold air outlet should also be provided in the lid to insure proper venting. Lou says the retort can also be heated externally. Thus one could generate steam without a special boiler. That approach would require a cold air vent just above the water level as well as in the lid. It would also require extreme care to insure sufficient, but not excess, water to maintain steam for the necessary sterilization time.

The unit is designed for 15 psi pressure and has been tested to 25 psi. It weighs 1,150 pounds and comes crated for shipment. Lou has the price below $3,000. Call him at 601-675-8000 or 1-800-888-0811 for all the details.