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The following is a reprint of an article from our February 2009 issue.


It's not usually practical to visit several farms to get a feel for how different technology works or might apply in your situation. Fortunately the advent of high speed internet, inexpensive video and YouTube offers an opportunity to get a close look via online video. For the most part, production values are low, but these kinds of videos can still provide a lot of information. There are lots of videos out there. Here are a few that you might find of interest:

The Videos

Mushroom cultivation with bottle technology in Korea. This video details the machinery needed to produce oyster mushrooms. It begins with the raw substrate materials and displays a ribbon mixer, machinery to load the bottles with substrate, sterilization, inoculation and so on. It was produced by the manufacturer of the equipment, SGP Korea. (Time: 8:56)

Automated Mushroom Cultivation. This video displays bottle technology as used by Gourmet Mushrooms, Inc. in Sebastopol, California. It includes titles, so you can better understand what you are seeing and it provides close-ups of the various species being cultivated (Pleurotus eryngii, Pholiota nameko, Pleurotus ostreatus, and Hypsizygus tessulatus) (Time: 6:14)

Growing Oyster Mushrooms/The Fogging System. These two videos tell you a little about how Mississippi Gourmet Mushrooms of Hattiesburg, Mississippi produces oysters. The first video covers pasteurization of cotton seed hulls and the second describes their environmental control system. The processes, in stark contrast to the above videos, use low tech and homemade equipment. (Time: 3:53) (Time: 5:15)

Mushroom Farm. This video explains how Hopewell Mushrooms Farm, Rising Sun, Maryland, grows portabella. (Time: 13:09)

Windmill Farms. This is a corporate video produced by Windmill Farms of Ashburn, Ontario, Canada. It's a quick overview of their organic Agaricus growing operation and an advertisement for their farm. (Time: 4:16)

Shiitake Mushroom Man. This video shows a little about how Gourmet Mushrooms of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada produces shiitake on natural logs. (Time: 3:02)

East End Legends: The Mushroom Man. Here, David Falkowski of Open Minded Organics, Bridgehampton, New York, gives a tour of his oyster and shiitake mushroom farm. His technique involves spreading love and music around! 5:59)

How its made - Mushroom production. This is a segment from Discovery Channel explaining how Agaricus mushrooms are produced. (Time: 4:31)

King Oyster Mushroom. This video brings you a tour of Mushheart, a king oyster farm in Ansung, Korea that uses automated bottle technology. It includes English subtitles in case you don't speak the language. (Time: 9:57)

Visiting Mushroom Farm. This is a tour of a low tech oyster mushroom farm in Malaysia. Although it isn't in English, you can see the sorts of machinery they use to grow oysters in small bags. (Time: 3:09)

Dave and Dee's Oyster Mushrooms. This TV news story gives a quick overview of Dave and Dee's Homegrown Mushrooms in Sedley, Virginia. (Time: 2:04)

Growing Mushrooms. This video is for those that want to grow oysters or shiitake at home. Ed Foy of the Oregon Mycological Society and his friends demonstrate the lowest tech way to grow these species. (Time: 4:58)

Paul Stamets: 6 ways mushrooms can save the world. This video won't help you grow mushrooms, but it may energize you with Paul's view of the importance of fungi and its place in the world. It is a presentation recorded in February 2008 at Monterey, California. (Time 18:18)


Many of the farms listed here have their own websites. You can find a list of links to them on our farm page.